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Belgium Unlimited Data Plan eSIM

Belgium Unlimited Data Plan eSIM

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Your Belgium Travel eSIM in 5 Minutes

Get fast 4G/5G data and the best coverage throughout Belgium with one UNLIMITED eSIM data plan. Activate any of our Unlimited eSIM plans with your phone's onboard eSIM chip alongside your existing phone plan.

  • QR code delivered to your email
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Activate at any date of your choosing
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Included
  • Connect to mobile internet automatically
  • 1GB Daily High-Speed Data
  • High-Speed Data Refreshed Each Day
  • Up to 100 Mbit/s 5G Download Speed
  • As low as 20ms Internet Latency
  • 24/7 Worldwide Support
  • Check if your phone is compatible ››

Fastest Data

Enjoy full-speed local data in Belgium. Choose the best Travel eSIM plan for your trip and top up anytime.

Best Coverage

We connect you to the best networks in Belgium, not the cheapest, with coverage on 2+ networks in most countries.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We will return your money if your Travel eSIM fails or doesn't work with your phone. It's as simple as that!

Fast data for your apps

Enjoy music, movies, and games with high-speed 4G LTE international data, and stay connected to work and family anywhere you go with a Belgium Travel SIM from Aventura Mobile.
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  • Instant Activation

    Unlocked iPhone and Android devices have an eSIM chip built-in, allowing you to activate our plans on your device right away.

  • Best Roaming Coverage

    Experience seamless connectivity on top-tier networks, everywhere your adventures take you.

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot

    On a work trip or family getaway? Share your zippy internet with all your devices. It's free with most of our travel eSIM plans!

Frequently asked questions

Does Aventura Mobile log my location?

No, we do not record your device location. As required by law, we keep records containing only the time, data (Megabytes) consumed, and cellular provider of each data connection.

What if my device is not eSIM compatible?

If your device is not listed on the eSIM Compatibility List, unfortunately you cannot use Aventura Mobile data plans. Currently we do not offer physical SIM cards.

Can I add multiple data plans to an eSIM?

With one Aventura Mobile eSIM, in most cases you can add data plans in any combination of countries or regions. While data plans expire, the eSIM itself will not expire until removed from your device.

Who can see my Internet browsing activity?

Your browsing activity is completely private. The only information we record is the time, data (Megabytes) consumed, and cellular provider of each data connection.

Does an eSIM replace my phone plan?

Installing an eSIM does not replace your existing phone plan, but adds a new secondary data plan. You can enable or disable each plan at your convenience, or use multiple at once.

How do upgrades and plan changes work?

You can change plans, add, or remove data in specific countries at any time at the same cost. Simply log in to your Aventura Mobile Account to make changes.