How do I acquire an eSim?

All purchases are made online. Choose your destination (United States, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, or Oceania), select the number of desired days and the type of plan (unlimited or prepaid). Payment is made online, and within minutes after the purchase, you will receive a QR Code containing your virtual card (eSim), ready to activate at your convenience.

What is the cost of the eSim?

Prices vary depending on the type of plan and its duration. Our plans start at $5 and go up to $90.

Do you charge carrier fees or rescheduling fees?

No, we do not apply carrier fees or fees for rescheduling travel.

What is the delivery time for the chip after the purchase?

All our products are digital and will be delivered electronically. For most destinations, you can expect to receive an email within up to 5 minutes after purchase confirmation. In some cases, carriers may take up to 12 hours to send the QR Code and activation instructions.

What is the pre-paid plan?

Pre-paid plans are more economical options but come with a data limit. This means that these plans have an internet data allowance, and when it runs out, internet access is interrupted, even if the plan has a duration of 30 days. You will have the option to recharge your internet if needed.

How do I activate Aventura Mobile's eSim?

Before boarding your flight, activate the eSim following the received instructions. Upon arrival at your destination, turn on your device, and the internet will be activated automatically after a few minutes. For European plans, you will need to enter the 4-digit PIN found in the email. Your data will only be activated when you arrive at your destination.

Should I activate data roaming on my phone?


My device is a Motorola, Xiaomi, or LG. Does the eSIM work on them?

Only American carriers impose restrictions on these models. To see if your phone is compatible, check if it has LTE 4G bands 2, 4, and 12. If it has these bands, you can choose any of the plans for use in the United States. There are no restrictions for the other plans we offer. Check the complete list of compatible devices here.

My phone has two SIM cards; how should I proceed?

Replace your current SIM card with our eSim and keep ours as the primary SIM (position 1).

Will my phone number change?

Yes, when you remove your SIM card and insert ours, your phone number will change. This means that regular calls made to your old number will not be received. However, your number on apps like WhatsApp will remain the same.

Will there be any changes in other apps on my phone?


Does Aventura Mobile log my location?

No, we do not record your device location. As required by law, we keep records containing only the time, data (Megabytes) consumed, and cellular provider of each data connection.

Can I add multiple data plans to an eSIM?

With one Aventura Mobile eSIM, in most cases you can add data plans in any combination of countries or regions. While data plans expire, the eSIM itself will not expire until removed from your device.

Who can see my Internet browsing activity?

Your browsing activity is completely private. The only information we record is the time, data (Megabytes) consumed, and cellular provider of each data connection.

Does an eSIM replace my phone plan?

Installing an eSIM does not replace your existing phone plan, but adds a new secondary data plan. You can enable or disable each plan at your convenience, or use multiple at once.

How do upgrades and plan changes work?

You can change plans, add, or remove data in specific countries at any time at the same cost. Simply log in to your Aventura Mobile Account to make changes.