Activate an eSIM with Manual Activation Code

If you are unable to scan the activation QR code, or prefer to activate a different way, you can enter a Manual Activation Code on your device. 

How to use the Manual Activation Code

iOS / iPhone

  • Open Settings and go to Cellular (it may be called Mobile or Mobile Service)
  • Under Cellular Plans, tap Add eSIM. Your phone's camera will open.
  • Tap Enter Details Manually near the bottom of the camera screen.
  • Enter the SM-DP+ Address shown in your account.
  • Enter the Activation Code shown in your account.
  • Do not enter a Confirmation Code. It's not required.
  • Tap Next in the top right and follow the prompts to continue the eSIM installation.


Android 13 / Google Pixel

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Network and Internet
  • Look for SIMs, and tap the + icon
  • Tap Download a SIM instead? near the bottom of the screen
  • On the message that appears, tap Yes, then tap Next. The phone's camera will open.
  • Tap Need help? at the bottom of the screen
  • On the ‘Help adding a network’ screen, underneath ‘Having trouble scanning your QR code’, you can tap Enter it manually.
  • Now enter the Manual Activation Code exactly as it appears in your Maya Mobile account.
  • Follow the steps on the screen to confirm the new data plan.


Can't find these options?

If you do not see the options above to enter a manual activation code, unfortunately your phone does not support eSIMs. Please contact us and we can help cancel/refund your order.