Error "Unable to Activate eSIM" on iPhone

Unable to Activate eSIM

"You can try again, or contact your carrier for assistance."

After activating your eSIM via QR code or manual activation code, you may see the above error message on your iPhone.

Important: You need to be at your destination to be able to succesfully activate your eSIM. You can install it before your trip, but the eSIM will not be activated until you reach your destination.


1. Check internet connection

First, please make sure your phone has a working Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection before installing the eSIM. An internet connection is required to verify and activate the eSIM.

2. eSIM is already installed

Most often, the eSIM is already installed on your phone. This can happen in the background after scanning the QR code. Please verify the following settings:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Cellular (or 'Mobile Data' in the UK)
  3. Tap Cellular Data at the top, and select the eSIM plan on the following page. This will tell the phone to use the eSIM plan for data connections.
  4. Return to Cellular, scroll down and tap your eSIM plan. It may be called 'Personal', 'Travel', or 'Secondary'.
  5. Confirm Turn On This Line is ON
  6. Confirm Data Roaming is ON

If you can find the Aventura Mobile eSIM following the steps above, and the settings are correct, the eSIM will be ready to connect automatically when you arrive. No further action is required! 

Still no data connection

Please submit a request, and we will get right back to you.